Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the toy tiger club nft?

2222  is a unique Nft collection, it is a community-oriented project that will never leave its comrades alone and whose utility will increase day by day.

When mint?

24 MAY.

What is the minting price?

For whitelist 1.25 sol for public sale 1.50 sol for each toy tiger club nft.

What is the total supply?

2222 toy tiger club nft will be supplied.

What can I expect from the Alpha-Chat channel on the Toy Tiger Club Discord?

On top of being a part of an amazing community, you’ll get curated crypto & NFT news, crypto & NFT analytics/analysis from experts, and a curated multi-chain NFT drop calendar. This means you’ll be on top of the latest information in the NFT and crypto space. It’s up to you to use the information wisely for your personal and portfolio development.

How will we distribute the Toy Tiger Club NFTs?

%3 Reserved for team and marketing.

%7 Giveaways.

%20 Whitelist.

%70 open the public minting on MAY.